About FeDlan

Launched in 2007, FeDlan specializes in Epalab Geiger Counter, G700 Lumitact Flashlight, JK Spy Sunglasses, JK VR Headsets & Equipments, Industrial Counters and Digital Counters.

Our mission is to be the world-leading provider of advanced technologies that identify constantly evolving chemical and radiological, threats. By equipping customers with high- integrity solutions, we’re helping to safeguard society, protect life and support our enviroment. 

Our products are used in more than 120 countries and provides the highest level of quality, value, and satisfaction to its customer around the world by utilizing established global affiliates, together with a global sales chanel and partners. FeDlan focuses on delivering the highest level of customer support and training.

1. Epalab Geiger Counter

EPALAB Geiger Nuclear Radiation Detector Counter For iOS iPhone Android Phone is used for measuring ionizing radiation used widely in applications such as radiation dosimetry, radiological protection, experimental physics and the nuclear industry.

2. G700 Lumitact Flashlight

The LumiTact G700 Flashlight is called the toughest flashlight on the market”. What’s the big deal with this tactical military flashlight? Let’s find out. The LumiTact G700 Flashlight is a tactical flashlight made from the same aluminum used to make aircraft. The flashlight claims to be the most durable and longest-lasting tactical flashlight on the market. One of the most immediate differences between the G700 and a traditional flashlight is the brightness. It’s the difference between, say, getting a dim glow when you turn on your flashlight and getting a circle of bright white light that will scare away an attacker or animal.

3. JK Spy Sunglasses

This product is the first high-definition digital camera with glasses, TF card memory, to shoot high-definition video. this product is simple, compact, beautiful and practical, easy to carry, is security, education, family life in areas such as essential utilities, favored by the users.

4. JK VR Headsets & Equipments

JK 9D VR is a new high-tech masterpiece entertainment product after 5D/7D cinema. This is a combination of virtual reality display and electrical electromagnetic suspension movement platform, it can make players feel like in the game, like the virtual world of the matrix, compared with special effects theater, t&p electrical 9DVR experience hall is a large screen pulled in front of players eyes, shows    another scenery in your nose. 360 degree visual angle experience, have better sense experience than IMAX. With VR equipment, your    view will deep into the magic world in screen, through to the fictitious world, can experience the happy and stimulation that cannot feel  in real world.

5. Industrial Counters

 Fedlan Wireless Tally Passenger Counter System provides an excellent example of how technology is improving the way transit agencies serve passengers and conduct business. Transportation agencies need to count passengers for three reasons: to report passenger counts for government subsidies and budgeting; to know how many people are riding compared to the number of collected fares; and to monitor the number of riders in order to develop more accommodating schedules and customer service.

6.  Digital Counters

Ideal counters for counting people going in and coming out. Perfect for churches, clubs, transportation companies, event counting, casinos, bars etc.. Extremely accurate!