EPALAB Geiger Nuclear Radiation Detector Counter For iOS iPhone Android Phone. It is used for measuring ionizing radiation used
widely in applications such as radiation dosimetry, radiological protection, experimental physics and the nuclear industry.

Product description

✪Personal Home Purpose Radiation Detector for Smart Phone
✪Preliminary simple measurement
✪Use the Semiconductor sensors, measurement of radiation (Gamma, X-ray)
✪Ultra -compact design, ultra -low power consumption, No External Battery.
✪High sensitivity measurements using a precision signal measurement technology.
✪Real-time display of measurement results.
✪It is easy to measure the radiation, can be connected to the earphone jack (3.5φ) of the smart phone.
✪EPALAB Geiger displays the radiation dose rates, radiation pulse count, the measurement time in Smartphone applications.

✪Radiation measurement of: gamma, X-rays
✪Measurement range: 0.1 to 200 μSv/h
✪Measurement error: <30% within a given deviation between 
✪Sensor Size : Φ10 x 30 mm (total length: 47mm)
✪Smartphone plug size: 3.5Φ, Sensor Weight: 6 grams
✪Operating temperature: 10 to 40 at ℃

Apple IPhone 4S and above/Android 4.2 and above

Usage Method:
✪EPALAB Geiger is available for Android / IOS Apple iphone operating system.
✪Please download and install the smartphone APP "EPALAB" in the Google Play store or Apple App store
✪Initial configuration will take up to 1 minute or the App the first run
✪If you want to use the EPALAB Geiger, please do not run music on your smartphone at the same time.
✪Measure and close with a minimum of 3 minutes or more suspicious object.
✪If you need to obtain accurate results, please measured 10 minutes

Measurements may vary slightly depending on the smartphone or smartphone model.


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EPALAB Geiger Counter

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