If Putin could design a hat he would design Donald J. Trump is Putin's Puppet.

 A foreign power that wishes ill upon the United States has attached itself to the Trump presidency and the world is full of heartbreak as a result and we are going to need to do more.  These are just t-shirts of course, but they represent our plan for the year. To be involved and to have an opinion. To remember to stay focused. To help with money or time, to protest in the street. Protest has always meant hope; this is what we have for the future. 

Now imagine wearing a Hat or a T-Shirt with "Putin's Puppet." That is the idea not only to read the quote but  to wear them anywhere we go. You will not only be inspired, you will change peoples live. Let's flood the world with true message instead of "alternative facts" and change people's lives. 

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Putin's Puppet Hat For Sale

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